online reserved exusively to the consumers

1. The specified present clause are applicable to online sales concluded between between Longevie and its consumers, under the act of the 14th of July 1991, done through the website Longevie : www.longevie.com.The present general terms aim to define les rights and obligations of the parties within the framework of these online sales. The sale through our website is strictely reserved to the individual and isn't destined to the resale.

All form of publicity, presentation or sale of goods of the range, whatever may the support be, website included, must be submitted to a prior agreement of the company Longévie and will need a signed convention between the parties.

2. All the commercial relationships between the SA LONGEVIE, whoses head offices are established at 7503 Froyennes, Rue du Progrès, 27 (ZI Tournais-Ouest 1), TVA BE 0863.089.172, RPM Tournai (therefore named «LONGEVIE) and the client, will be regulated by the present general conditions. When placing its order/purcharse, the client acknowledges taking knowledge of the content of these conditions and accpets them. No general or specific condition mentioned in the documents sent or given if applicable, by the client can be integrated to those conditions, therefore those documents would be incompatible with those general conditions. The eventual invalidity of one of the present dispositions will have no influence on the validity of the other conditions . LONGEVIE reserve its right to modify at any time the conditions of the present general terms.

3. The products are sold to the price indicated on the website of Longévie at the time of the order/buying online. The prices indicated on the website are in EURO taxes included. The shipment costs are included for Belgium and in mainland France. For Belgium, the products are sent through Taxipost. For France the products are sent by colissimo access France or expert France for the orders from 200€. For France overseas (DOM), the oders are sent trough colissimo expert OM. For countries except for Belgium, Mainland France and France overseas, the orders are sent through colissimo expert international. The information given by the client at the time of the order engage its responsibility in case of failure to supply the right information or in case of error in the label of the delivery adress keeping the postal services from delivering the order.

4. LONGÉVIE reserves its right to modify its prices at any time. Nevertheless, in case of the placement of an order, the price applied at the time of the order will apply for the bying in question. The offers presented on the website LONGEVIE are only valid within the limot of available products stocks. The prices indicated do not includ the shopment costs outside of Mainland France and Belgium, and are invoiced with an extra fee, and indicated before the validation of the order. Any changement of the tax rate will automatically be echoed on the prices of the online store of Longévie.  The payment of the complete price must be done at the time of the order.

5. The offers established by Longévie SA, are done without any obligation regarding the delivery dates, which are always given on an indicative base. Late shipments cannot give place to the payment of any sort of fine, damages, subrogation or dissolution of the convention at the expenses of LONGEVIE. Any modification of the delivery cancels the delivery time agreed.

6. The order will be executed at the latest 1 working day folowing the one Longévie has  registered the order. An extention of the delivery date can happen but it will not exceed 7 days. Longévie SA undertakes to honnor the orders made through the website within the limit of available product stocks. In the case of a lack availability of the product Longévie SA insures to inform the client as soon as possible, and within 30 days from the validation of the orde, either to deliver the product, or cancel the order and proceed to the reimbursment. After the validation of the order, no modification of order can be taken in account. If the client wishes more articles, he must place a new order.

7. The products are fully paid at the moment of the online order, directly by means of a payment module. LONGEVIE calls on professional and specialized external partners for the treatment of online financial transactions. The secure payment by credit card online trought the partner Ogone :partners produits sont payés intégralement au moment de la commande online, directement au moyen d’un module de paiement. In Belgium by credit card BANCONTACT/MISTER CASH or credit card VISA,EUROCARD/MASTERCARD ; Abroad only by international credit card VISA, EUROCARD/MASTERCARD. For the belgian clients wishing to pay by bank transfer, it is possible to print your summary of order and to sent it, accompanied by the proof of your bank transfer on our account : ING N° 370-1155239- 56 at the following adress : LONGEVIE SA – Rue du Progrès, 27 – 7503 FROYENNES (Belgium). Any order that is not accompanied by the proof of the transfer will not be honoured. For the client wishing to pay with french checks, it is possible to print your summary of order and to sent, accompanied by the check at the following adress : LONGEVIE SA – Rue du Progrès, 27 – 7503 FROYENNES (Belgium). Any order that is not accompanied by the payment will not be honoured.

LONGÉVIE carries out the reasonnable procedures or the purpose of online financial transactions in complete safety, and by respecting the private life. The financial information of the client obtained as part of of the online payment, will be exganged only between the external partner and the financial institutions implied. LONGÉVIE does not have access to the confidential financial information of the client. The payments online are made with the help of protected protocoles. The general terms of external administrator of the lauch pad payment apply to all the online payments. The external administrator is solely responsible regarding the correct treatment of all the online payments.

8. The products are delivered to adress indicated by the client on the order form. Le client shall be obliged to verify the state of the merchandise packaging t the time of the delivery and to report the damages due to the transporter on the delivery form as well as to Longévie, within a week. If the client is not present at the time of the delivery for which the client had agreed to, new shipments costs can be invoiced.

If there is a delay against the annouced deadline, we ask the client to report the delay to us by calling us or sending us an e-mail. We will then contact the transporter to start an investigation. If the transporter declares the product lost, and only in that case, we will send a replacement product. We decline all responsability regarding the extend of the deadline due to the transporter, particularly in case of loss of the products or a strike.

9. Longévie reserve itself the right to refuse to do a shipment or to honour an order comming from a client would not have fully paid a previous order or with with whom financial dispute would be in progress.

10. The 2 years legal guarantee applies from the recall of the products (the date is mentionned on the invoice being authoritative). This guarantee only covers an non conformity between the product ordered and the product delivered, that exists at the time of the delivery. Are therefore excluded :.

- any dammage direct or indirect affecting the products after the delivery (caised by humidity, chocs, a fall, an unhabitual use...

- The defaults of which the client had knowledge at the time of the delivery.

- any prejudice caused by an assembling ou faulty treatment of the products.

- any dammage caused by fire, water, lighning, an accident, a natural calamity

- any dammage caused expressly, by negligence or the abnormal or non conform to the prescriptions of the manufacturer.

LONGÉVIE does not offer other commercial guarantees. Any non conformity default must be metionned to Longévie within the 2 months form the observation.

11. Except otherwise stipulation, the client will transmit its plaints by registered mail to LONGEVIE, if the plaint is for apparent defect or a conformity default, at the time of the delivery of the products by an indication on the delivery note and in cases of hidden defect, within 8 days from the discovery of said defect and in any case within 6 months from the delivery date of the products, by registered mail adressed to LONGEVIE. No responsiblity for apparent defect or hidden or for non conformity will be held in the head of LONGEVIE if those delays are not respected. It is agreed that the short delay refered to in the Article 1648 of the Code Civil is of 2 months effective from the withdrawal of the products.

12. « The products commercialized by Longévie SA are in conformity with the belgian and european legislation. It is up to the client to inform itself of the enventual limitation of importation and utilisation of the ordered products. Longévie SA cannot be held responsible for the bying of a product considered as medicine in a said county, when this product is considered as a food supplement and is on open sale in Belgium. We recommend that you inform yourself at the competent authorities of your country on enventual limitations of importation and utilisation of the products ordered. » The responsability of LONGEVIE is limited to the responsability that the law imposes us. LONGÉVIE is never responsible for indirect dammages. LONGÉVIE is also not reponsible for dammages caused directly or indireclty by an act of the client or a third party, may they have been caused by a fault, a negligence or by a force majeure.

13. If one of the parties, in case of force majeure, in found in the impossibility to execute the contract or if this execution became, between the conclusion of the contract and its effective execution, particularily difficult from a technical or economical point of view, it reserves itself the right to dissolve the contract without expenses or compensation, by a written notification to the other party.  Are conventionnaly considered as force majeure cases : war, natural circumstances, stricke or lock out, fire, flood, capture, embargo, lack of means for transportation, general lack of raw material or products on the market, limitations to the consumption of energy and thus independantly from the fact that if thoses circumpstances or the case of force majeure strickes LONGEVIE or one of its supplier.

14. In conformity to the law of the 14th of July 1991, in case of online sales, the client has the  right to renounce to the buying without any compensation and indication of motive within the 15 working days from the day after the date of delivery of the product. The client who wishes exerce this right, must contact LONGEVIE within the 7 working days at the number : 0032 69 76 50 60or by e-mail at the following adress : [email protected]. The products shall be returned, at the client expenses, to Longévie SA : Rue du Progrès, 27 ZI Tournai-ouest 1 B-7503 FROYENNES in their original state, with original packaging, and a copie of the bill/delivery note. LONGÉVIE will reimburse to the client the buying price already paid within 30 days of the acceptance of the withdrowal. Any product that has been damaged, or from which the original packaging will have been altered will not be reimburse or exganged. In case of a partial or complete return of an order, due to an error not imputable to Longévie SA, a fixed contribution of 7,00€ INCLUDING TAXES, covering the preparation, pacjaging and shipment expenses is still owed. The returns owed or against reimbursment will be refused. In case of abnormal or abusive returns, Longévie SA reserves itself the right to refuse future order.

15. LONGÉVIE reserves itself the right to incorporate the information given by the client (online, by mail or by another way) in an automated file that belongs to the company. The following information will kept in of an online order. - [for example : the name, the adress, the e-mail adress, the age, the gender...). Those information are the property of Longévie, and will be exclusively by this one to guarantee a better service to its clientele. If the client does not wish to receive any commercial information, the client must inform LONGEVIE, either by phone, at the number : 0032 69 76 50 60 or by e-mail at the following adress : [email protected]. The treatment of the personnal information aimed at the following article has been subjected to a declaration, in accordance with to the line of the law of the 8th of december 1992. The master of the file os Longévie SA ; 1) The finality of the treatment is to allow the company to manage its clientele (administration of the cientele, managment and delivery service, solvency checks, marketing and publicity) 2) The client has the right to obtain complementary information by consulting the public register of the commission to the protection of private life. 3) Any client has the right to obtain, in expected conditions by the legislation applied, the communication of the information that a treatment contains regarding its person. 4) to obtain the correction of any incorrect personnal information regarding its person. The postal services demand from Longévie to communicate their client mails and phone numbers, only to ameliorate the distribution of the package by putting in place notification telling that the package is arriving to the client, in accordance with the article 4 – protection of the information- extract for the postal service general terms.

16. Belgian law only is appllicable to the present contract. Any eventual opposition will fall in the exclusive competence of the court of the head office of Longévie SA except if the plaintiff prefers the competent courts in accordance with the article 624 C.J.