Founded in January 2004, Longévie is the result of 10 years’ experience in the field of nutrition and dietary supplements.

Michel LOSETO, the founder of the LONGÉVIE, S.A., holds a degree in Micro-Nutritional Healthy Eating. He set out to provide a comprehensive range of healthy dietary supplements that could efficiently maintain the body’s physiological functions, initially with a preventive aim and later as nutritional support as a complement to patients affected by pathologies.

LONGÉVIE, S.A. demands very strict quality criteria of its suppliers, initially in terms of the traceability and quality of their products and also regarding their manufacture, nutritional analysis certificates and doses of nutrients.

In order to share the science of nutrition – “nutrilogie®” - LONGÉVIE organises

high-level seminars for doctors and other medical practitioners to present the bases of its formulations (bibliography studies, physiological mechanisms in which nutrition intervenes, etc.). These seminars, increasingly recognised for their quality, are moderated by nationally and internationally renowned specialists.

LONGÉVIE SA has created a flexible structure that is easy to access (Toll-free phone line - Tel & Fax - Website) and efficient (with quick processing of orders). Any order placed before 15:30 hours is shipped the same day.

We have set ourselves the key objective of providing synergistic formulae that optimise the daily cost of dietary supplements, and we remain at your disposal to help the range evolve in line with your needs and expectations.